President of Ukraine


May 25, 2022

The President of Ukraine is the head of state of Ukraine. The status of the President of Ukraine is defined in Chapter V of the Constitution of Ukraine, which formulates the rights and responsibilities of the President as head of state, the procedure for his election, as well as the possibility of removal from office and termination of his powers. The President of Ukraine is the guarantor of state sovereignty, territorial integrity of Ukraine, observance of the Constitution of Ukraine, human and civil rights and freedoms. Development of the Presidential Institution in Ukraine On July 10, 1948, the "Interim Law on the Reorganization of the State Center of the Ukrainian People's Republic in Exile" was adopted and coordinated between various Ukrainian political organizations. Andriy Livytsky, who was the head of the Directory, was approved by the Ukrainian National Council as President of the Ukrainian People's Republic in exile. From 1948 to 1992, four UPR presidents were in exile. On March 15, 1992, the 10th extraordinary session of the Ukrainian National Council adopted a resolution "On the transfer of powers of the State Center of the UPR in exile to the state authorities in Kyiv and the termination of the State Center of the UPR in exile." The last president, Mykola Plavyuk, officially handed over his presidential jewels and powers to the newly elected President of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk. With Ukraine's independence, the regulatory framework of the Ukrainian SSR continued to operate in Ukraine. This was provided for in Art. the third Law "On Succession of Ukraine". However, some institutions - such as the institution of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine - were implemented immediately by amendments to the then Constitution of the Ukrainian SSR. And in the future, the formation of the legal system of Ukraine was very slow. The Law on the Security Service of Ukraine was adopted almost a year after the declaration of independence, and the Constitution was approved only five years later. The post of President was introduced by amendments to the Constitution of the USSR of 1978 of July 5, 1991. According to the constitution, the President was the head of the executive branch, and proposed to the Verkhovna Rada for approval