Taras Shevchenko All-Ukrainian Enlightenment Society


May 25, 2022

All-Ukrainian Society "Education" named after Taras Shevchenko (former Society "Education") - Ukrainian public organization of cultural and educational orientation. It operates both in Ukraine (historical and modern) and in the centers of the Ukrainian diaspora.


Origin, beginnings of activity

The Enlightenment Society was founded in 1868 in Lviv as a counterweight to anti-Ukrainian currents in cultural life: the colonial movement, supported by the imperial government on the one hand, and the Muscovite movement on the other. Galician Muscovites, who then held a dominant position in Lviv, were very hostile to the idea of ​​creating a Society. A Committee of Academic Youth Representatives was established in March 1868 to study the Society's charter. The committee included such figures as Kornylo Sushkevych, Mykhailo Kossak, professor of the Academic Gymnasium Pavlyn Sventsitsky and others. On September 2, 1868, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of the Enlightenment Society. This permit became the basis for convening the first general meeting in Lviv. The organization of the meeting was entrusted to the Constitutional Committee, which was headed by Professor of the Academic Gymnasium Anatoly Vakhnyanin. The committee also included Kornylo Sushkevych, Yulian Romanchuk, Oleksandr Ogonovsky, Oleksandr Borkovsky, Mykhailo Kossak, Omelyan Partytsky, Andriy Sichynsky and others. The general meeting was convened on December 8, 1868 in the hall of the City Shooting Range, located on Kurkova Street (now Lysenko Street). 65 representatives came to the meeting, only one of them, Father Yosyp Zayachkivsky, was not a resident of Lviv. The Chairman of the Assembly Anatol Vakhnyanin made an introductory speech, stating that the purpose of the Society is to return to the ideas declared by the Main Russian Council in 1848, voiced by the Council of Russian Scholars and rejected by Muscovites, namely the unity of the Ukrainian people from the Carpathians to the Kuban and its separation from the Polish and Russian peoples. The program of future work "Enlightenment" was briefly stated in the speech of student Andrew Sichinsky: Anatol Vakhnyanin was elected chairman of the newly formed Society, and Volodymyr Hankevych (Secretary of the Constituent Assembly of the Society) was elected his deputy. Members of the Department (leading op