Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX)


October 25, 2021

Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great (Rama IX) (Thai: ภูมิพล อดุลย เดช; December 5, 1927, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - October 13, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand) monarchs and longer than all their predecessors.


He was the third child and youngest son of Prince Mahidol Songkli. He graduated from two universities - Lausanne and Bangkok. The coup d'etat of June 24, 1932 led to the replacement of the absolute monarchy by a constitutional monarchy. Since then, all actions of the king are limited by the constitution. The king remained head of state, has powers in the legislative, executive and judicial branches. He ascended the throne on June 9, 1946 after the death of his older brother King Anand Mahidol (Rama VIII). On April 28, 1950, he married Princess Sirikit, the daughter of the Thai ambassador to Paris. May 5, 1950 officially crowned as King of Thailand Rama IX. After the ceremony, the king and queen went to Switzerland to continue their education. He finally returned to Thailand on December 2, 1951, after receiving a law degree. In 1956, according to the Buddhist tradition, he received monastic vows. At that time, Queen Sirikit served as regent for the young prince. In 1987 he was awarded the title of Great.

Royal family

In the family of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit four children - the firstborn was born on April 5, 1951 - Princess Ubol Ratana, the heir to the throne Prince Maha Vachalongkorn was born on June 28, 1952, on April 2, 1955 was born Princess Maha Chakrala Sirindhorn June 4, 1957. Status of the monarchy in Thailand The king is inviolable, no violence can be used against him, he cannot be prosecuted, no lawsuit can be filed against him. Love and respect for the royal family is sacred in Thailand: the king is the defender and protector of all religions. The king is the leader and head of state, as well as the national symbol that stands above politics. However, despite the ceremonial status of the king in Thailand, Bhumibol has repeatedly made important political decisions and vetoed. It is believed that Pa�

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