July 5, 2022

North is the side of the world and one of the four main points of the horizon. In Western culture, it is the most important side of the world: through the north, in one way or another, all others are determined. In Ukrainian, it is designated as Пн, the international designation is N (from the English North). True north is the direction on the Earth's surface to one of the poles of the Earth's axis, namely to the pole located to the left of the observer who is on the equator facing the sunrise. Magnetic north is the direction on the surface of the Earth in which the strength of the horizontal magnetic field has its maximum value (it should be noted that sometimes a change in the magnetic poles of the planet occurs, although it is so rare that there are no problems with terminology).

Origin of the term

The part of the world where the sun is located in the middle of the night: "midnight".