Robert Stroud


October 25, 2021

Robert Franklin Stroud (January 28, 1890, Seattle, Washington, USA - November 21, 1963, Federal Prisoners Medical Center, Springfield, Missouri, USA) - American criminal, better known as "Birdcatcher from Alcatraz" . While in prison, he found his comfort and vocation in catching and selling birds. He was serving his sentence in Alcatraz. Despite his nickname, he never kept birds in Alcatraz and did so only until he was transferred to Alcatraz from Livingworth.



Robert Franklin Stroud was born in Seattle, Washington, to Elizabeth and Ben Stroud, their first child. Stroud left home at an early age and by 1908 was already in the border town of Cordoba (Alaska). There he met 36-year-old Kitty O'Brien. She worked as an entertainer in a dance hall, and at other times engaged in prostitution. They established a relationship and in November they moved to Giuliano.

Arrest, trial and imprisonment

Stroud was arrested on suspicion of killing Charlie von Damer. During his detention, von Damer's wallet was found in his possession. According to Stroud, he was at work on January 18, 1909, and his friend Kitty was raped and severely beaten by Charlie von Damer. And when he returned from work, he attacked von Damer. The fight ended with von Damer's death from a gunshot wound. However, according to a police report, Kitty continued to engage in prostitution after her arrival in Giuliano, and Stroud was her pimp. According to the report, Stroud beat the unconscious von Damer, then shot him close and took his wallet. Although Stroud's mother, Elizabeth, hired a good lawyer for her son, on August 23, 1909, he was charged with murder and sentenced to 12 years in a penal colony on McNeil Island.

Life in prison

On September 5, 1912, Stroud was sentenced to an additional six months for conflict with prison doctors and transferred to Leavenworth Prison, Kansas. In Livingworth, security guards at the prison canteen reprimanded Stroud for a minor violation. And although the violation was not serious, it probably canceled Stroud's date with his younger brother, whom he had not seen for eight years. To avenge, March 26

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