Robert I Bruce


July 5, 2022

Robert I Bruce (Medieval Gaelic Roibert a Briuis; 11 July 1274 – 7 June 1329) was a Scottish king between 1306 and 1329. In 1314, the troops of Robert I Bruce defeated the English army in the Battle of Bannockburn, freeing Scotland from the English. After another unsuccessful invasion of Scotland by English troops in 1322, Robert I Bruce concluded a truce with England. According to the peace treaty of 1328, he achieved recognition of Scotland's independence from England, and is its national hero.




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The main character of John Barbour's poem "The Brus" ("The Brus", 1375, printed 1570). The main character of Lesya Ukrainka's poem "Robert Bruce, King of Scotland" (1893, printed 1894). The character of the movie "Braveheart" ("Braveheart", 1995). The main character of the film "Bruce (film, 1996)" ("The Bruce", 1996). The main character of the movie "Outlaw King" ("Outlaw King", 2018).


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