Russian Empire


January 22, 2022

The Russian Empire (Russian: Российская Империя, Russian: Российская империя) is a historical state formed from the Moscow Empire, with the continuation of further continuous expansion into neighboring countries and territories. It got its name in the process of Peter's reforms of 1708-1721, also known as "cutting a window into Europe." At the time of the proclamation of the empire, the original name sounded like "All-Russian Empire", as evidenced by the documents of the "ruling Senate" in 1721. The state existed until the February Revolution of 1917.

Origin of the name

Changing the old name "Moscow State" (Russian: Московское государство), or "kingdom" in the European style, Tsar Peter I and his supporters wanted to show mail and their subjects "Europeanness" of their reforms. Before the reforms of Peter I in Russian (Moscow) political terminology used the old Moscow concept of "Moscow State" or "Moscow Kingdom", after the reforms - "Russia" and Latin "Empire".


At the beginning of the XX century. The Russian Empire was the second largest country in the world, behind the British Empire, occupying 1/6 of the land or 21.8 million km (excluding Alaska with an area of ​​1,717,854 km). It included the entire territory of the former Soviet Union (except Kaliningrad region, Galicia, Bukovina and Transcarpathia and Southern Sakhalin, which was in the empire until 1905, the Kuril Islands at various times whole, or in the north were also in the empire), and most of Poland, Finland and Alaska, which were part of it in 1744-1867. Extreme geographical points of the Russian Empire: 35 ° 38'17 "—77 ° 36'40" north latitude and 17 ° 38 'east longitude — 169 ° 44' west longitude.


1764: liquidation of the hetmanate, the second Little Russia Collegium 1765: the autonomy of the Hetmanate (Left Bank Ukraine) is abolished, reformed into the Little Russia province 1772: the first division of the Commonwealth; annexed the east of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Livonia (Belarus, Latvia) 1775: Zaporizhzhya Sich (Southern Ukraine) is liquidated 1783: The Crimean Khanate is annexed (Crimea, Southern Ukraine, Kuban) 1792: the second division of the Commonwealth; annexed the center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the south of the Polish Crown (Belarus, Central Ukraine) 1795: the third division of the Commonwealth; annexed the Duchy of Ku

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