Rubo Franz Alekseevich


May 25, 2022

Franz Oleksiyovych Rubo (5 (17) June 1856 (18560617), Odesa, Kherson Province, Russian Empire - March 13, 1928, Munich, Bavaria, Germany) - Ukrainian battle artist of French origin, author of panoramas "Defense of Sevastopol", "Borodava", Borodino ».


He was born in Odessa in the family of a French businessman who settled in the Russian Empire. He studied at the Odessa School of Drawing (1865–1877) and in 1878–1883 ​​at the Munich Academy of Arts. He specialized in battle painting, along the way (like many battlers of the time) turned to the art of wide panoramas, which, thanks to the combination of painting with three-dimensional layout, the illusion of a historical event that takes place before the viewer.


After returning to the Russian Empire, he received an order from the Tiflis Temple of Glory Museum for a series of paintings on the history of the Caucasus War. In addition to these paintings painted in 1885-1895, a large-scale result of his Caucasian sketches was the panorama "Assault on the village of Ahulgo" (1890), first shown at the art and industrial exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod in 1896; museums of Makhachkala). In 1902-1904, under his leadership, a group of German artists created the panorama "Defense of Sevastopol" in the suburbs of Munich (opened in 1905 in Sevastopol in a building erected for her). Another famous panorama is the Battle of Borodino. Work on it took place in the same conditions, with the participation of IG Myasoyedov and consultant BM Kolyubakin (it was opened in 1912 in a special pavilion at Chistye Prudy in Moscow; after a long restoration it was reproduced in 1962 in a new building on Kutuzovsky Avenue). Among Rubo's characteristic battle paintings are "Attack of the Novocherkassk Regiment in the Battle of the Shah River" (1907) and "The Battle of Borodino" (1913; both in the Artillery Historical Museum, St. Petersburg). From 1903 he was a professor-head of the battle workshop of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (among his students was M. Grekov). 1912 - finally settled in Germany. Having no significant orders in recent years, he lived almost in oblivion.



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