July 5, 2022

Sacred, or sacred (from the Latin sacrum — shrine, sacrifice) — a characteristic of things, beings, phenomena related to religious worship, worship, or the highest ideals; in Christianity, in particular, what concerns church sacraments, which is endowed with God's grace. The meaning of the sacred is revealed in relation to the profane.

Interpretation of the sacred

According to Rudolf Otto, everything self-sufficient, eternal and rationally unknowable is sacred. Mircea Eliade claimed that what is distinguished by consciousness as fundamentally different from human and cosmic becomes sacred. Paul Tillich explained the sacred as a manifestation of the divine, in turn understanding God as the subject of ultimate human interest. According to Emile Durkheim, in the sacred, people reflect collective values ​​and with its help identify themselves with a certain social group. Therefore, the social is sacred, and the individual is profane. Marcel Moss pointed out that the sacred refers to the sacred exchange, and everything unusual, extraordinary, which acts as a gift and involves a sacrificial exchange, becomes sacred.

Sacralization and desacralization

The process of acquiring sacredness, imbuing it with a sacred character, is called sacralization. The reverse process is called desacralization. It is also possible for things that were desacralized to regain sacredness - resacralization. See also Sacred art Sacred geometry Sacred landscape Sacred architecture



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