San Diego


July 5, 2022

San Diego (English: San Diego) is a city (English: city) in the southwest of the United States in the Southern California region on the Pacific coast, the administrative center of San Diego County. Population — 1,307,402 people (2010). The eighth largest city in the United States and the second largest city in the state of California with a population of 1,307,402 (2010). Together with suburban counties, the population is 2,880,000, making San Diego the third largest metropolitan area in California. San Diego ranks 33rd among the richest cities in the world. The city is named after Diego of Alcala. The city has a museum ship - the US aircraft carrier "Midway", whose last operation was "Desert Storm".


San Diego is located on the border with Mexico - it is bordered by the Mexican city of Tijuana to the south, the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the spurs of the San Isidro Mountains to the east. According to the US Census Bureau in 2010, the city had an area of ​​964.51 km², of which 842.23 km² is land and 122.27 km² is water. The city was added to the list of American cities with the most polluted air



In the 16th century, Kumeyai Indians lived in the territory of the city of San Diego. The first European to enter San Diego Bay was Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, who named the port San Miguel. In November 1602, Sebastian Vizcaino surveyed the harbor and gave it its current name, in honor of Saint Diego of Alcala. In 1769, Gaspar Portola founded a fortress here, and the Franciscans, under the leadership of Junipero Serra, founded a mission that by 1797 had almost 1,500 new converts. After Mexico gained its independence in 1823, the mission came under state management. After the Mexican-American War, the city of San Diego was annexed to the United States by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, along with California.


According to the 2010 census, the city had a population of 1,307,402 people in 483,092 households comprising 285,221 families. The population density was 1356 people/km². There were 516,033 dwellings (535/km²). Racial composition of the population: 5.1% belonged to two or more races. The share of Spanish speakers was 28.8% of all residents. According to the age range, the population was distributed as follows: 21.4% - persons younger than 18 years, 67.9% - persons aged 18-64 years, 10.7% - persons aged 65 years and older. Median age of resident