freedom of speech


October 28, 2021

Freedom of speech - the right of a person or community of people to freely express their ideas or opinions without the danger of revenge, censorship, sanctions with the ability to shape the agenda at the narrative and semantic level - is considered by liberalists as one of the most important civil liberties. Covers freedom of expression both orally and in writing (freedom of the press and media); to a lesser extent it concerns political and social advertising (propaganda). The ideology of liberalism places state censorship, or any other form of state coercion, on the expression or rejection of views, outside the law. Freedom of speech is enshrined in a number of international and Ukrainian documents, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 19), the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (Article 10) and the Constitution of Ukraine, Art. 34 which states: According to the norms of international law, restrictions on freedom of speech must meet three conditions: they must be strictly in accordance with the law, have a just purpose and must be necessary and adequate to achieve this goal. Laws that impose restrictions should try to be unambiguous and not allow for different interpretations. Legitimate goals include the protection of reputation, dignity, national security, public order, copyright, health and morals. The Constitution of Ukraine prohibits the promotion of social, racial, national or religious hatred, as well as the disclosure of information that contains a state secret. Temporary or partial restrictions may also be imposed by court order. Utilitarian and liberal approaches Freedom of speech is closely connected with the establishment of truth, self-government, ensuring the flexibility of the political system, self-realization of the individual, natural human rights and their protection. Historically, freedom of speech has emerged as a tool to ensure awareness and maintain a high level of competence of public authorities. For example, the English "Bill of Rights of 1689". guaranteed members of Parliament complete freedom to discuss the affairs of the kingdom and officials, without which his work would be ineffective. This property of freedom of speech is still valued even by some

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