Smog (dragon)


August 8, 2022

Smaug, or Smaug (English: Smaug) is a character and the main antagonist in the fairy-tale novel "The Hobbit, or Toward and Beyond" (1937) by the English writer John Tolkien; the dragon from the Gray Mountains.


Smog is a powerful and evil dragon who took possession of the treasures of the dwarven kingdom and terrorized all who approached the Lonely Mountain. He was a huge golden red, with gems and gold etched into his long whitish belly, creating armor on his body that he believed to be extremely strong. — Tolkien J. R. R. Chapter 12. What became known behind the door // The Hobbit, or There and From There / trans. from English Elena O'Lear

Literary biography

Dragons have long lived in the North in the mountains of Ered Mithrin. Thorin points out that Smaug was "a particularly voracious, powerful and wicked serpent". One day Smaug took to the air and flew south to the Lonely Mountain to take possession of the gold and wealth held by the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain, whose king at the time was Thror, Thorin's grandfather. First, the dragon landed on the Mountain in a pillar of flame. Then he slid down the slope, and when he reached the woods, they got busy. The dragon began by exterminating all the dwarves who defended the entrance to the Mountain, and then attacked the inhabitants of the city of Doll, which was located under the Mountain. Then he returned and crawled through the Main Gate and ravaged all the halls and galleries. After that, not a single living dwarf remained in the Mountain, and the dragon took all the wealth for himself. Probably - because this is already established with dragons - he put them in a big pile and sleeps on it like a bed. AFTER the described events, about 150 years passed, the city of Doll fell into decline, and the people moved to Ezgaroth (the Lake City, which was built on stilts in the middle of the Long Lake in the channel of the Kelduin River (Bystrica) and the mouth of the Forest River) to protect the city from destruction by dragon fire. Before the events of The Hobbit, the dragon had not left the Lonely Mountain for many years. Gandalf believed that Smaug could pose a significant threat if he united with Sauron. That is why he organizes "nature", the purpose of which is a journey to the Lonely Mountain, the dwarves want to find the Side Entrance and find out if Smaug is alive, and if they are lucky - to return their riches and take revenge on Smaug. Having reached the Lonely Mountain, the company of dwarves and Bilbo found the Side Entrance,