List of mantises of Europe


January 20, 2022

In the fauna of Europe there are more than 40 species of mantises (according to various estimates from 35 to 41), which belong to 8 families and 17 genera. The most common species is the common mantis, the richest family is Amelidae, and the genus - Ameles. The species composition of mantises is not rich, in the temperate zone there are mostly common mantises, there is more diversity on the Mediterranean coast and its islands. 8 species are found only in the Canary Islands (and 7 are their endemics), without them the number of species barely exceeds 30. A number of species are rare, listed in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature or in the conservation lists of individual countries. The species Pseudoyersinia brevipennis and Ameles fasciipennis are considered extinct. Many species of the family Amelidae are distributed locally and are endangered due to human economic activities. The mantis fauna of Europe is well studied, only one species of Ameles paradecolor has been described in the 21st century, so the discovery of new species for science in the region is unlikely. However, for a number of genera, including Ameles, Pseudoyersinia, Rivetina, fluctuations in the number of species are possible due to the revision of taxonomic relationships between populations. Also due to global warming, the habitats of species are changing, European mantises are settling in areas not previously covered, as well as the introduction of new species from North Africa and Asia. In 2010 there was an expansion of the habitat of the common mantis to the north, the movement of the Caucasian tree mantis to the north and west to mainland Ukraine, the Balkans and the Apennines, Ameles spallanzania increases its range in northern Italy, and some individuals in Germany. There is the appearance of mantises of the genus Miomantis in the Iberian Peninsula and the settlement of Sphodromantis viridis in the Mediterranean countries. In 2020, the detection of East Asian H. patellifera has been reported in southern France since at least 2013, as well as in northern Italy. Isolated finds of Statilia maculata mantises from East Asia were recorded on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory of Russia in 2013-2019, and as of 2020 the species has formed stable populations in the region. List of mantises found in Europe The system of mantises is based on the versions of Otte (2020) and Schwartz and Rua (2019). IUCN Red List status

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