List of winners of the Italian football championship


July 6, 2022

In 1898, the first ever official championship of Italy took place. Four teams took part in it, and all matches took place on May 8 at the Velodromo Umberto I stadium in Turin. In the final, "Genoa" overcame Turin "Internazionale" in extra time (2:1) and became the first champion of Italy in history. In the following draws, the clubs played in regional groups, the winners of which met in the playoffs. The defending champion was defending the title against the playoff winner. Since 1904, the Italian championship has been called Prima-category In 1907, two championships were organized in one season. In the main championship, only Italian players compete, and the winners will receive the title of true champion of Italy and will be awarded the "Buni Cup". The secondary tournament was the federal championship. Foreign players residing in Italy were admitted to it. The winners will receive the title of Italian federal champion and the "Spensley Cup". Such a decision was motivated by the desire of FIF to stimulate weaker teams that consisted only of Italian teams, but could not compete with clubs that had strong foreign players. Genoa, Torino and AC Milan pulled out of those championships in protest against FIF's decision. Juventus won the federal championship, and Pro Vercelli won the Italian championship. Subsequently, the FIGC decided not to recognize the championship of Juventus due to the boycott of other strong clubs. The next season also took place in this format. The winner of the federal championship received the "Auberty Cup" instead of the "Spensley Cup". Most of the strong clubs have changed their strategy to fight against FIF. They decided to participate only in the federal championship, refraining from the Italian national championship. The motivation of the clubs was to downplay the importance of the national tournament. At the end of the season, "Pro Vercelli" became the federal champion, and "Juventus" became the national champion. The strategy of the clubs forced the FIGC to abandon the holding of two championships, recognizing "Pro Vercelli" as the real champion of the season. The 1909–10 season was held in a league format in which 9 clubs participated. Each team played two matches against opponents (1 at home and 1 away). According to the results of the season, the team that scored the most points received the title