The case of Vasil Stus (book)


January 22, 2022

The case of Vasil Stus. The collection of documents from the archives of the former KGB of the Ukrainian SSR is a journalistic book by Ukrainian historian, editor-in-chief of the Historical Truth portal, publicist Vakhtang Kipiani on the criminal case, life and death of Ukrainian dissident poet Vasyl Stus. The book was published by the Kharkiv publishing house Vivat in the Library of Historical Truth series. History of creation The book is based on the materials of the criminal case of Vasyl Stus in 1980, which are stored in the Branch State Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine (former KGB archive). The materials became available as a result of the adoption of a package of decommunization laws initiated by the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance. The materials of the criminal case are contained in six volumes. The book includes the main, most important materials of the criminal case. The documents included in the book are given in full, without editing. According to the author, Vakhtang Kipiani, the aim of the book is to change the "poster" attitude towards Vasyl Stus and the people around him. In particular, Kipiani stated that the criminal case of Vasyl Semenovych Stus is a chronicle of the struggle of the criminal communist system with a man full of pain and dignity. We see a citizen, a human rights activist, a creative person who understands the consequences of his "inflexibility" in the face of the punitive machine. Nevertheless, it is coming to an end. ”The book was first presented on May 26, 2019 during the Book Arsenal Book Fair in Kyiv.


The book contains archival documents from the criminal case of Vasyl Stus, eyewitness testimony, letters from the poet from prison, memoirs of his family and friends. In addition to the actual archival materials, the book contains articles by the compiler and dissident Vasyl Ovsienko and an interview with the poet's last cellmate, Russian political prisoner Leonid Borodin. The cover of the book is the original cover of the first volume of the poet's case in the KGB. Only the title of the book and a portrait of Stus from the same case are added. The book has the following sections: Criminal case № 5 - the book of life and death of Vasyl Stus Materials from six volumes of the case Heart, suicide or murder? How Vasyl Stus died WITH

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