July 5, 2022

Screenwriter, screenwriter — the author of the script of films (including cartoons) or television programs (plots or programs), film dramaturg. Recently, the profession of screenwriter has been in increasing demand. The specialty "Screenwriter of television series and movies" is included in the programs of educational institutions.

Place of work of screenwriters

The place of work of screenwriters is cinema, television, theater, advertising agencies, companies engaged in holding holidays and shows, as well as computer game development companies. Most screenwriters start their careers for profit, that is, they write scripts without being hired and without pay. Many of them also work as proofreaders or script doctors, trying to correct the script to the requirements of directors or studios; for example, in the case when the studio management considers the motives of the characters unclear, the dialogues unsuccessful, etc. One of the most important elements in the implementation of the project idea for the studio is the involvement of a professional screenwriter. Projects are most often sold to studios, which then engage their skilled screenwriters to improve or complete the plot.

Specialization of television scriptwriters

Recently, the profession of screenwriter-playwright has become more and more in demand - this is facilitated by the growing demand for TV series, which occupy 50-60% of television broadcasting and are a very profitable business. The cost of serials is much lower than feature films, and at the same time, you can endlessly fill air time with them and attract advertising for them. At the same time, TV channels are just starting to produce so-called vertical series, and their prices will only increase. With such a flow of production of television series, the division of labor of screenwriters-playwrights is appropriate and effective. There are screenwriters who write a synopsis — an essay with a condensed, summary statement of different views on a problem, topic, issue (who loves whom, who hates whom, why certain actions are taken, etc.) — all this is described on several pages. Every week, the writer comes up with a new plot twist so that the viewer is in constant tension and waiting for the next episode. The main thing for the screenwriter here is to find some new move, to tell about the old in a new way, so that the story becomes modern, even if it is a historical series, so that it forces