Truck tractor


January 22, 2022

Saddle tractor - a type of tractor that works with semi-trailers that are attached to the machine using a special coupling mechanism - saddle (saddle). A combined freight vehicle consisting of a tractor and a semi-trailer is called a truck.


High capacity (compared to conventional trucks); the truck tractor can carry long loads. High load-to-weight ratio. Accordingly - high efficiency and low cost of large shipments. Good maneuverability (compared to a truck of the same length). Reversing is possible (unlike a truck with a trailer). Trailers and tractors are easy to replace. On the storage site or deck of the ferry, the semi-trailer can move not by tractor, but by a more maneuverable tug.


Not as stable as a regular truck. The tractor is inefficient without a semi-trailer (however, a semi-trailer can be turned into a trailer by installing it on a trolley).

Application in the army

In many armies of the world, including the Ukrainian, tractors are easily used for towing artillery, anti-aircraft and other systems, as well as for the transportation of armored vehicles and just household tasks.


Production of truck tractors (ZIS-10) in the USSR was mastered in 1934. Tractor manufacturers now Nowadays, not every country has its own manufacturers of such machines. Ukraine is one of 14 such countries.


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