October 25, 2021

The Templars were a Catholic order of monks and knights in 1119–1312. Founded in the Kingdom of Jerusalem after the First Crusade (1096) to ensure the safety of a large number of pilgrims from Europe who went to Jerusalem. The Templars combined monasticism with military affairs, and were the first monk soldiers in the Western world [source?]. Members of this order played a leading role in many battles [correct style] of the Crusades, and its financial infrastructure for the first time contained elements used in modern banking. The number of members of the order and its influence spread throughout Europe, until the time of King Philip IV of France (Philip the Beautiful), by order of which many members of the order were tortured and burned on charges of heresy. Pope Clement V dissolved the order in 1312.


The Templars (from the Latin templum, "temple"), or templers [source?] - from the Dome of the Rock, nicknamed the Temple of the Lord in the days of the Crusaders. Poor Brothers-Warriors of Christ and the Temple of Solomon (Latin Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici) The Temple Order is from the Dome of the Rock, nicknamed the Temple of the Lord in the time of the Crusaders.


The Templars were organized as a monastic order, according to the rules established for them by their patron Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, a member of the Cistercian order. Each country had its own Master of the Order of the Templars, over them stood the Grand Master, who was appointed for life. The Grand Master managed both the military affairs of the Order in the East and the financial situation in the West. The Templar brothers were divided into four groups: knights, dressed like heavy cavalry (wore white capes with a red cross); sergeants (serjens), equipped like light cavalry. They were recruited from lower social classes than knights (wore brown cloaks); servant brothers: frères casaniers (brothers-housewives), who managed the property of the order and frères de métiers (brothers of professions), who performed the functions of servants and engaged in crafts; Chaplains were ordained and cared for the spiritual needs of the order. Since the need for knights was very high, there were knights who joined the order for a certain period of time, and later returned to secular life. There were also Fratres conjugati - odru�

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