July 5, 2022

Dictyoptera is a superorder of winged insects, which includes modern cockroaches, termites, and praying mantises. Cockroaches are not similar in appearance and lifestyle, but they come from common ancestors that existed on Earth more than 300 million years ago. Among the representatives of this superorder, the most primitive are cockroaches, they have preserved the most ancient structural features, and their way of life is close to that of their ancestors. Mantises and termites are specialized groups that, under the influence of a special way of life, have acquired many specific features. The superorder includes more than 10,000 modern species.


Insects with incomplete transformation. Large or medium insects. There are two pairs of wings. The front pair are leathery and are held flat over the body at rest. Antennae are long, and can be longer than the length of the body. Churches are open. The bristles on the cerci are very sensitive to air movement and are organs of sensation.


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