Thesis (publishing house)


August 13, 2022

Teza is a Ukrainian publishing house of modern literature for young people.


Founded in June 1999. Among the first in independent Ukraine, contemporary domestic and foreign authors began to be published. About half of the publishing house's range consists of translations. Until 2013, "Teza" published more than 226 books, educational and visual aids, multimedia publications.


Usually publishes literature for children, teenagers and youth. Additional topics include local history and educational publications. Supports the charity events of the NGO "Publishers' Forum" and the all-Ukrainian competition "The Best Reader of the Year" within the framework of the "Knygomania" program. Closely cooperates with literary contests "Coronation of words", "Children's portal". It uses modern book promotion technologies and actively promotes the rights of its clients, who are authors, artists and translators, to international markets. [source not specified 578 days]


Fiction is published for children of all ages, such as for children: 3-6 years: Coloring pages on cardboard Audiobooks Interactive multimedia audio books Books of the future — today! Interactive audio books are a joy for children. While listening to a fairy tale, beautifully read by professional actors, it is possible to flip through color illustrations. Save your favorite images as screensavers for your computer or mobile phone. And download witty phrases as ringtones. In addition, the children's disc offers educational and creative games with fairy-tale characters: Jigsaw (puzzles) Coloring Snake-stripe - a dynamic snake game Quest and others... Everything on the disc corresponds to the motto: Children listen and play, and parents rest!7-10 years: Adventure library The best works of Ukrainian and foreign writers. Refined Ukrainian language, large font, numerous attractive illustrations, special book paper (with reduced whiteness and increased opacity) facilitate perception. Hardcover books, sewn blocks. Publications received hygienic "Quality Certificates". Recommended for extracurricular reading. My favorite author 9-12 years old: Aquatics Mermaid from 7-V Fine fantasy - "FF" Children's detective - "DD" 11-15 years old: "13 +" is a series of publications that reveal d�