Thorin Oak Shield


May 25, 2022

Thorin Oakenshield is a dwarf in JRR Tolkien's legend, one of the main characters in The Goblin, or There. Thorin is the heir to the Kingdom of the Mountain, from where his father and grandfather were banished by the dragon Smog. He organizes a campaign to return the treasures of his ancestors, which was also attended by twelve gnomes and the goblin Bilbo Torbin. Thorin's image reflects the qualities of a Scandinavian hero and a Shakespearean character. He is portrayed positively in most of the story until he succumbed to the desire for draconian gold, after which Thorin is presented in a much more negative light, prone to greed (a recurring theme in Tolkien's work). His fate is reminiscent of the fate of Boromir in the novel The Lord of the Rings.


Like most dwarf names in The Goblin, Thorin (Old Scandinavian inorinn - "brave, courageous", from the word þora - "decided") is taken from the list of Dvergatal gnomes in the singular songs "Prophecy of Velva" and "Vision of Gulvi". His nickname is from the same source: another dwarf from Dvergatal is called Eikinskjaldi ("Scandinavian" Eikinskjaldi - "oak shield"), which Tolkien translated into English as Oakenshield.


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