Traffic flows


October 18, 2021

Traffic flow is the movement of vehicles organized by the transport network. The movement of passengers is called the flow of passengers, the movement of goods - the flow of goods, the movement of pedestrians - the pedestrian flow. The mode of traffic flows, including at the intersections of urban highways at different levels can be considered a set of parameters, which can include the direction of traffic, intensity, speed, density, as well as specific features and characteristics of traffic flows, their mutual influence and redistribution over time and space. Characteristics of traffic flows The following main indicators are used to characterize traffic flows: traffic intensity, time interval, traffic density, speed.Transport is divided into three categories: public transport, non-public transport and personal or individual transport. The composition of the traffic flow is characterized by the ratio of different types of vehicles. Evaluation of the composition traffic flow is carried out mainly by the percentage or share of vehicles of different types. This indicator has a significant impact on all traffic parameters. However, the composition of the traffic flow largely reflects the overall composition of the car fleet in the region. The composition of the traffic flow affects the load of roads, which is primarily due to the significant difference in the overall dimensions of cars. If the length of domestic cars is 4-5 m, trucks 6-8, the length of buses reaches 11, and road trains 24 m. The articulated bus has a length of 16.5 m. Traffic intensity Traffic intensity is the number of vehicles that pass through the intersection of the road x-x for a given period of time. There are specific intensity of movement and induced. Specific traffic intensity is the level of intensity on one lane of the road. The given traffic intensity is a set of traffic intensities of vehicles of different types taking into account the corresponding given coefficients for these types. Since in a mixed flow of cars, vehicles of different types occupy different road areas and have different dynamic characteristics.

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