Trush Ariadna Mykhailivna


October 25, 2021

| brothers? sisters Ariadna Mykhailivna Trush (as a young girl - Drahomanov; March 27 (15) 1877 (18770315), Geneva, Switzerland - 1954, Lviv) - daughter of Mykhailo Drahomanov. Olena Pchilka's niece and Lesya Ukrainka's cousin. Sister of Lydia Shishmanova and Svitozara Drahomanov. Wife of the famous painter Ivan Trush.


She was born on March 27 (15), 1877 (18770315) in the family of Mykhailo Drahomanov and Lyudmyla Drahomanova (Kuchynska) in Geneva, where the Drahomanov family had lived since the autumn of 1876 due to political emigration. She was educated at the Sorbonne, studied literature, history, philosophy and mathematics. In 1889 she moved with her parents to Sofia, where she studied painting at the Sofia Art School. In 1894-1895, the Drahomanov family was visited by the cousin Rada, a writer Lesya Ukrainka, living in their house in Sofia. In the summer, Rada, together with Lesya and her older sister Lida, had a rest in Vladai, after which all three girls became close and friends. On June 20, 1895, his father Mikhail Drahomanov died. In 1897 she visited Ukraine with the family of her older sister Lydia Shishmanova. In the autumn of 1899 she and her mother moved from Sofia to Kyiv for permanent residence in Ukraine. In 1900 Olena Pchilka invited Ivan Trush to Poltava region. Here at the Drahomanov family estate in Gadyach, Rada met her future husband. Ariadne was in a very close relationship with Lesya Ukrainka, the writer dedicated poetry to her: "In memory of July 31, 1895", but in 1902 family and friendships between the sisters almost stopped (which painfully experienced Lesya) because of the story with a portrait of Ukrainka works by Ivan Trush. On January 21, 1904, Ariadna Drahomanova and Ivan Trush were married in Kyiv. The couple had 4 children: Oksana, Ariadna (January 21, 1906, married Slonevskaya), Myron (1908) and Roman (August 23, 1914). Ariadna Trush died in 1954 and was buried in Lviv in Field 4 of Lychakiv Cemetery.


She left memoirs about Lesya Ukrainka, which were recorded by OP Tushkan (the manuscript is kept in the Kyiv Museum of prominent figures of Ukrainian culture Lesya Ukrainka, Mykola Lysenko, Panas Saksagansky, Mykhailo Starytsky). See also Dragomanovi


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