Car tuning


July 5, 2022

Tuning (eng. car tuning — "car tuning") is a word used to modify a car, which increases its certain data (characteristics, capabilities). The tuning of a car that is preparing to take part in any series of races is usually called a Ringtool (from the English Ring - a ring, English Tool - a tool). Professional ringtulas are assembled by tuning studios or special companies specializing in the field of motor sports. Car styling (from the English Styling - stylization) is a change in the appearance or interior of a car to create an individual style that makes the car stand out from the crowd and attracts the attention of the environment. Styling means installing other bumpers or spoilers, painting the car in an unusual color or several colors, airbrushing the body, installing underbody lighting, various other lighting solutions, covering the interior with leather or Alcantara, installing a high-quality audio system, installing "car wings", auto-vinyl and other methods that allow you to add an individual style to the car and distinguish it from thousands of similar ones. Car tuning services are extremely popular among enthusiasts around the world.

External tuning

Outer body trim

One of the usually main elements of external tuning of a car is body kits, i.e. front bumper, rear bumper and thresholds. You can also resort to manually created elements, such as unique air intakes or cut out the so-called "gills". Often, the elements of external tuning are overlays, namely fiberglass products that replace the purchase of a whole bumper. Certain craftsmen create fiberglass overlays in their garages, which make the style of their car special and unrepeatable, but this is not always possible, therefore there are many automobile companies that can custom-make almost any detail, from the smallest insert to the entire car body with fiberglass (often used in motorsport to lighten the car).


Airbrushing is also considered external tuning, but it is already much more difficult to reproduce in garage conditions, since for this you need to have at least a compressor, Sprayer for airbrushing �