Ukrainian language


October 28, 2021

Ukrainian (MFA: [ukrɑ̽ˈjɪnʲsʲkɑ̽ ˈmɔwɑ̽], historical names - Russian, Ruthenian) - the national language of Ukrainians. The Balto-Slavic branches of the Indo-European language family belong to the East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic group. It is the state language in Ukraine. The number of speakers is approximately 45 million, most of whom live in Ukraine. It is also widespread in Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, Canada, the USA and other countries where Ukrainians live. Ukrainian is spoken by 41 to 45 million people worldwide; it is the second or third Slavic language in terms of the number of speakers (after Russian and possibly Polish) and is one of the third most common languages ​​in the world. Ukrainian language is studied by Ukrainian linguistics, as well as Ukrainian studies (Ukrainian studies). There are several hypotheses about the origin and formation of the Ukrainian language - Proto-Slavic, Old Russian, South Russian X-XI centuries and others. According to the recently published hypothesis of KM Tyshchenko, the Ukrainian language reflects the formation of Ukrainians as an ethnic group, which occurred in the VI-XVI centuries as a result of merging dialects of three Slavic tribes - Polyany, Derevlyany and Severyan with the participation of Iranian and Turkic-speaking steppe populations. In the 18th and 20th centuries, the Ukrainian language was oppressed by the Polish and Russian authorities. Opponents of the Ukrainian language have created numerous myths about the Ukrainian language. Adapted Cyrillic ("citizen") is used to record the Ukrainian language. Norms of the Ukrainian language are established in dictionaries of the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian spelling, which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science on the recommendations of specialists in the Ukrainian language of scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences, other scientific institutions and universities. The scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in particular, include the following: Institute of the Ukrainian Language of the NAS of Ukraine (history, grammar, lexicology, terminology, onomastics, stylistics and language culture, dialectology, sociolinguistics), Ukrainian Language and Information Fund of the NAS of Ukraine linguistics, dictionaries), Institute of Linguistics. OO Potebny NAS of Ukraine (Ukrainian language in �

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