Ukrainian-Swedish relations


January 22, 2022

Ukrainian-Swedish relations are bilateral relations between Ukraine and Sweden in the field of international politics, economics, education, science, culture, etc. On December 19, 1991, Sweden recognized Ukraine's independence, and on January 13, 1992, it established diplomatic relations with it. The Swedish Embassy in Ukraine was opened in Kyiv in September 1992; In 1999, the Embassy of Ukraine in Sweden was opened.


Middle Ages

In the third century, the Goths came to the territory of Ukraine from Swedish Gotland. They created the first Gothic kingdom of Oyum in Ukraine, which united the lands on both banks of the Dnieper. Archaeological Chernyakhiv culture is associated with the Goths. Under the influence of Rome, the Goths converted to Christianity and participated in the First Council of Nicaea. Many Germanisms of the Ukrainian language come from Gothic: "prince", "sword", "bread" and so on. In the IV century the Goths were attacked by the Huns from the east. Part of the Goths remained in Ukraine, recognizing the Hun rule, and the other part migrated to the Crimea, the Balkans, Italy and Spain, where they created their own states. In the eighth and tenth centuries, Eastern Europe became the site of the Swedish Vikings (Normans), who are called Vikings in Russian chronicles. The way from the Vikings to the Greeks passed through the Ukrainian lands along the Dnieper, along which trade was conducted between Scandinavia and Byzantium. Along this path, the Vikings-Russians established their own political settlements, which developed into principalities. One of such principalities was Kyiv, ruled by the Varangian princes Askold and Deer. According to chronicle legend, they were replaced by other Vikings - Oleg and Igor, who gave birth to a new Ukrainian state - Kievan Rus. Igor's grandson, Prince Vladimir, christened this state, defining its civilizational development, and great-grandson, Prince Yaroslav, made alliances with England, France and the Scandinavian countries through marriage. Close political and cultural contacts between Russia and Scandinavia lasted until the thirteenth century, before the Mongol invasion from the east. The analysis of the Ukrainian alphabet of Glagolitic and Swedish gives grounds to assert the influence on each other (frequent use of balls in letters, etc.) in comparison with the Cyrillic alphabet. Ancient archeological finds with images from Scandinavian mythology testify to the life of the Swedes

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