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August 13, 2022

"Universal Dictionary-Encyclopedia" (USE) is a Ukrainian dictionary. The editor-in-chief is Myroslav Popovych. The editorial board includes Ivan Dzyuba, Nelly Kornienko, N. Mazepa, Natalya Yakovenko. Contains about 25,000 articles, 3,200 illustrations, photos, maps, diagrams, tables: the latest facts, history and modernity, science and technology, culture and sports, geography and medicine, personalities and realities, Ukraine and the world. Prepared on the basis of the EUROPEDIA international project, the author of which is the Swedish encyclopedist, founder and president of the Swedish Academy of Verbovisual Information Sven Lidman.

Creation History

In the 1990s, an important project for the emergence of a national encyclopedia was implemented - the translation and adaptation of "Europaedia" to Ukrainian issues. The editor-in-chief of this project was the philosopher Myroslav Popovych. The first edition, which received the name "Universal Dictionary-Encyclopedia", was published in 1991. It has been regularly reprinted in Ukraine since 2001. In the articles about foreign proper names and names, the phonetic principle of reproduction "by ear" was applied, which did not correspond to both the current spelling at the time of publication and the spelling project of 1999 (for example, the dictionary used Rhine instead of Rhine; Bosch instead of Bosch; Isadora Duncan instead of Duncan, Austerlitz instead of Austerlitz, etc.).


1st edition — K.: Iryna, 1999. 1551 pages. 2nd edition, supplemented — Kyiv — Lviv: Vseuvyto-Atlas, 2001 3rd edition, revised and supplemented — K.: Vseuvyto, Novy druk, 2003 4th edition, corrected and supplemented — Lviv: TEKA, 2006. 1432 pages, about 23500 articles, 3270 illustrations, photos, maps, diagrams, tables.



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