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October 25, 2021

The first-aid post (FAP) is a first-aid post in small settlements of Ukraine and the countries of the former USSR. In Ukraine, common in almost all villages and settlements, is a substitute for hospitals and clinics.

Origin of the name

The name comes from the name of two health workers who are part of the state and can initially provide medical care.


The need for pre-medical health care in rural areas is determined by the low population density (in contrast to the compact urban population). FAPs are located in the most remote settlements from the hospital, making medical care more accessible to their residents.


The staff of the FAP consists of a manager - a paramedic (midwife), a visiting nurse (midwife) and a nurse. FAP conducts reception of the population on an outpatient basis and at home, can prescribe treatment within the competence of the paramedic and midwife, provides care to children under 3 years of age, provides consultations with specialists and follows medical prescriptions. Performs medical care for preschool institutions that do not include medical staff. FAP provides emergency medical care at the pre-medical stage. Main activity FAPs carry out sanitary and anti-epidemiological work in the jurisdiction: detect and isolate infectious patients, carry out current disinfection of premises where patients were, remove from work in food units, children's and medical institutions of persons who came into contact with patients, conduct preventive vaccinations. FAP carries out sanitary and epidemiological surveillance of the territory and organizations located on it. See also Medical center Infirmary List of health care facilities


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