January 22, 2022

A physicist is a person who studies physics. This word can be used in relation to a scientist or teacher (s), student (s), etc. Physicists are divided into theorists and experimenters. According to the way of thinking, theoretical physicists occupy an intermediate place between experimental physicists and mathematicians. Sometimes some theoretical and physical schools are intertwined with mathematical ones, so it becomes difficult to say about their representatives who they are - physicists or mathematicians. Awards and prizes The highest award for physicists is the Nobel Prize, which has been awarded since 1901. The first Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1901 for the discovery of the X-ray, which was discovered by Professor Ivan Pulyuy 14 years before the publication of WK Roentgen. X-ray, conducted his experiments on an X-ray lamp, which was personally presented to him by Ivan Pulyuy.

Physicists on banknotes

The New Zealand $ 100 banknote depicts Ernest Rutherford, winner of the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The 500-franc banknote, issued in 1998, depicts a couple of French physicists, Nobel laureates Pierre and Marie Curie. Marie Curie was also present on the PLN 20,000 banknote issued in 1989 and PLN 20 in 2011. The reverse of the 1984 British 1 pound banknote depicts Isaac Newton, the father of mechanics and classical physics. A portrait of the creator of the theory of relativity, the Swiss-American physicist of Jewish descent Albert Einstein was depicted on a banknote in 5 Israeli lira 1964 issue. The 2002 100-dinar banknote depicts Nikola Tesla, a prominent American physicist and inventor of Serbian descent. See also Chemist Physics in Ukraine


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Contributions of 20th century women to physics - contribution of women physicists to the science of the XX century.

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