VG Korolenko Kharkiv State Scientific Library


January 22, 2022

The Kharkiv State Scientific Library named after VG Korolenko is the largest library in Kharkiv and Eastern Ukraine, the second largest in the book fund after the National Library of Ukraine named after VI Vernadsky (Kyiv). There are 12 reading rooms for 524 people. Up to 70,000 documents (books, magazines, newspapers, databases and electronic documents on CD-ROM, etc.) are received by the Library annually. The extensive system of reference and bibliographic apparatus of the CDNB contains more than 60 catalogs and files, including electronic, reference and bibliographic fund, automated databases, printed consolidated catalogs and the fund of completed references.


Established in 1886 as the Kharkiv Public Library. The founders of the library were: AA Gursky, professors OI Kirpichnikov, MF Sumtsov and others. The library was supported by donations and readers' fees for the use of books. In the first year of operation of the library in the three-room wing on Mykolayivska Square (now Constitution Square) readers were served by five employees; the fund numbered 1,700 copies of publications. Published in the "First Catalog of the Kharkiv Public Library" (Kh., 1886.-89p.). Such catalogs were published until 1913. 1889 - the format-order arrangement of the fund is introduced, which is still used today. 1890 - Branches of the Workers' Library are established on the outskirts of the city. 1896 - in the tenth year of the Library's existence, the fund numbered 41.6 thousand copies. Donations were the basis of document support. "During the first ten years, 39,806 volumes were received from 2,000 people and institutions… On average, 4,000 volumes were received per year" (Bagaliy DI, Miller DP History of the city of Kharkiv for 250 years of its existence (1655-1905). T. 2. - H., 1993. - S. 754.). Individual publications were donated, as well as entire libraries. In particular, the famous Russian writer GP Danilevsky (over 3 thousand copies), prominent lawyer KN Annenkov (1.7 thousand copies), doctor VG Poray-Koshitsa (1.8 thousand copies) .). A significant part of the collections from their own libraries was also donated by the famous philologist-linguist OO Potebnya, professors VI Dobrotvorsky, PI Sokalsky, writer IS Aksakov, and many other important personalities. 1898 - The creation of the General Alphabetical Catalog begins

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