January 22, 2022

An artist is a creative worker in the field of fine arts (painter, graphic artist, sculptor, comic book artist). In a figurative sense, an artist is any artist (poet, novelist, composer, etc.) who talentedly uses artistic means in his work. Etymology of the word: from ancient. * хǫдогъjь, * хǫдогъ ("experienced", "skillful"), borrowed from Goth. * handags ("skillful") - from handus ("hand").


Graphics: Graphic artist, illustrator Graphic artist (easel graphics) Graphic artist (book art) Graphic artist (art of graphics and posters) Graphic artist (design of printed products) Cartoonist (media design, books) Heraldic artist (art of the coat of arms) Decorative and applied arts Master artist Decorative and applied art artist (carpet weaving) Miniature artist (artistic varnishes) Artist of decorative and applied arts (art metal) Artist of decorative and applied arts (art ceramics) Artist of decorative and applied arts (art glass) Microminiature Microminiaturist Painting: A painter is a person who creates works of art with the help of paints. Painter (easel painting) Painter (monumental painting) Painter (theatrical and decorative painting) Painter (church-historical painting) Cinema Film and Television Artist (Production Designer) Combined artist Costume Film and Television Artist (Costume Artist) Makeup and TV make-up artist (Make-up artist) Animation: Animation artist Animation and computer graphics artist Artist of the animated film Graffiti ReiterPhotography Photo artistInterior art: Design artist Designer (interior design) Artist designer (artistic design of furniture) Designer (artistic textile) Scenography: Production Designer Theater artist Puppet theater artist Stage costume artistTechnology of performance design: Artist-technologist Scene technologist Puppet theater artist-technologist

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