Chernivtsi region


October 25, 2021

Chernivtsi region is a region in the south-western part of Ukraine. It was formed on August 7, 1940 from the northern, mostly inhabited by Ukrainians, part of Bukovina and the neighboring part of Bessarabia (with Khotyn). It is located within the Carpathians, Precarpathians (Bukovynian Prykarpattia) and Pokutsko-Bessarabian Upland. Area 8100 km²; 922,800 inhabitants (373,500 urban and 549,300 rural). National composition according to the 2001 census: Ukrainians - 75.0%, Romanians - 12.5%, Moldovans - 7.3%, Russians - 4.1%, Poles - 0.4%, Belarusians - 0.2%, Jews - 0.2%, other nationalities - 0.4%. 11 cities, 11 urban-type settlements; 3 districts, 252 village councils.


The region borders Romania to the south and Moldova to the southeast. In the west and northwest - with Ivano-Frankivsk, in the north - with Ternopil and Khmelnytsky, and in the east with Vinnytsia regions. This is the smallest region of Ukraine, although not the smallest administrative unit of the first level (such a unit is the city of Kyiv).


For the last 650 years the territory of Northern Bukovina was a part of various states: for 415 years (1359-1774) it was a part of the Principality of Moldova, for 143 years (from 1775 to 1918) - of Habsburg Austria and Austria-Hungary; almost 25 years (between 1918-1940 and 1941-1944) - Romania. For almost 48 years (1940-1941 and 1944-1991), the northern part of Bukovina was part of the Ukrainian SSR, and thus of the USSR. Since 1991, Chernivtsi region has been an integral part of independent Ukraine.

Coronavirus epidemic

The first case of the disease in Ukraine was detected in the evening of March 2 in a Chernivtsi resident who had returned from Italy. He was hospitalized on February 29. On March 12, another case of the disease was detected. As of March 16, there were 4 cases of infection, 33 people were hospitalized. The condition of patients is stable, they are provided with medical care, the first patient is scheduled to be discharged, he is periodically tested for coronavirus, the last time the test was negative, if the test is negative and after 2 days, it is considered healthy and discharged. was discharged from the hospital, the test showed no virus. On March 21, there were 25 patients in the region (out of 41 in Ukraine), 11 of them in the village of Kolinkivtsi, 7 people in Brusnytsia Kitsman�

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