generous evening


January 22, 2022

Generous evening (Malanka, Malania, Vasily's evening) - evening on December 31 (January 13). Its celebration comes from the ancient (pre-Christian) faith. According to the Christian calendar, it is also the day of St. Melania (Melanka, Malanka, Milanka). Melanka-Voda comes on a generous evening together with Vasyl-Misyats to inform the hosts about the next holidays and to celebrate, which is popularly called - Melanka's guests. In folk tradition, both holidays were united in the Generous Evening, or the feast of Melancholy. In some western regions of Ukraine, in particular, in Galicia Generous (Second Holy Evening) is called the evening of January 5 (January 18) on the eve of Epiphany (in the rest of Ukraine this evening is known as the Hungry Corner).

The myth of Melanka (Milanka)

According to the ancient myth [source not specified 3658 days], in addition to the son, the all-united Lada, the faithful brother of the moon god, had a daughter, whom everyone called Milanka, because she was so sweet and charming. Once, when the Moon Prince was on a hunt, a fierce serpent stole Milanka from a silver tower and drove him into the underworld. The glorious hero Bezpalchyk-Vasylchyk freed her and married her. That is why Vasily is still celebrated on Christmas Eve, a pig is considered a lunar animal, and Vasylchyk became the patron saint of these animals. Therefore, according to folk customs, pork entrails were prepared for Melanka, they foretold what the harvest would be like, and a "tremor" was cooked from pork legs so that people would not have sore feet. Melanka-Milanka was honored at the richest possible tables, because it is a continuation of the Generous Evening with all its good gods and ancestral souls.


In the morning of this day they begin to prepare the second ceremonial kutia - generous. Unlike the rich, it can be seasoned with modesty. As on a rich evening, the corner is also put on penance. In addition, the hostess bakes pancakes, makes pies and dumplings with cheese to give to generous people and sowers. Dishes are given a very important role: it is believed that the more variety on the table on this day, the more generous next year will be. Dishes should be very filling, but, for example, cooking fish is a bad omen, because happiness can come out of the house. But pork dishes are always prepared, because this animal symbolizes prosperity in the house. �

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