Jan-Amor Tarnowski


January 22, 2022

Jan Amor Tarnowski, Jan Magor Tarnowski (Polish: Jan Amor Tarnowski; January 1488, Tarnów - May 16, 1561, the family estate of Wewierk) was a statesman, politician, and military leader of the Kingdom of Poland. Representative of the noble family of Tarnowski coat of arms Leliva. Grand Crown Hetman (1527–1559). Courtier of the King (since 1502). Military castellan (since 1522), Cracow (since 1536). Voivode of Russia (1527-1535) and Krakow (since 1535). The mayor of Sandomierz, Zhydachiv, Sondec, Gorodel. The first count of the Holy Roman Empire in the Tarnowski family (1547). Founder of the city of Ternopil. Test of the Russian magnate Konstantin Vasily Ostrozky.



Jan Amor Tarnowski (John of Tarnów, John Amor II of Tarnów), son of Jan Amor Jr. and Barbara Zawishanka of Rożnowo, granddaughters of Zawisza Chorny from Gabrovo; came from a wealthy noble family, which had senatorial status. He was brought up at the court of Cardinal Frederick Jagiellonian, Kings Jan I Olbracht, Alexander I Jagiellonian and Sigismund I the Elder. He studied at the Krakow Academy, under the Bishop of Przemyśl. He received a comprehensive classical humanities and military education. He began his military career at the age of 22 under the leadership of Lithuanian Hetman Konstantin Ostrozky. In 1509 he took part in the siege of the Khotyn fortress. 1512: took part in the campaign against the Moldavian principality (led a cavalry unit), in the battle of Lopushny. In 1517-1521, to improve his education, he traveled extensively around the world: he visited Western Europe, visited the Middle East - including Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Greece, the Ottoman Empire. On the side of the anti-Ottoman coalition he took part in the Habsburg-Ottoman war in 1521. In 1524, in a battle near Lviv, he defeated the Ottoman-Tatar detachment. Since 1527, the Grand Crown Hetman. The jewel of the Hetman's power was introduced by the Hetman's badge. In 1531 he led the Polish army in the battle of Obertin in the war with the Moldavian ruler Peter IV Raresh for power over Pokuttya. In 1533 he led the opposition in the Seimas, later resigned from politics. 1534: with his help, the castle in Khmilnyk was surrounded by a rampart and fortified; led the Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian army in the war against Muscovy. He became famous for the conquest of Gomel, the siege and capture of Starodub

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