Jan Brueghel the Elder


January 22, 2022

Jan Brueghel de Oude (1568, Brussels - 13 January 1625, Antwerp) was a Flemish artist of the Baroque period. He was nicknamed "Velvet", "Paradise".


He came from an artistic family. Son of the famous Dutch artist Peter Brueghel the Elder and Maiken van Cook, daughter of the artist Peter Cook van Alst. He was born in 1568, and in 1569 he lost his father, his mother died in 1578. She was raised by Jan and his brother Peter, grandmother Maiken Verhulst, who was a well-known miniature artist at the time. At this time the family moved to Antwerp. He studied with Peter Gutkindt. In 1589, Jan Bruegel went to Italy. He was first in Milan and later in Naples. From 1592 to 1595, Jan Brueghel lived in Rome, where he befriended landscape painter Paul Brill. At the same time he collaborated with Johann Rottenhammer. He carried out many orders for Cardinal Federico Borromeo. After returning to Flanders in 1597 as the son of a master, he was admitted to the Antwerp Guild of Artists of St. Luke. On January 23, 1599, he married the daughter of the cartographer and engraver Gerard de Jude. From 1601 to 1602, Jan Brueghel the Elder served as dean of the St. Luke's Guild, visited Prague in 1604, and later worked as a court painter at the Brussels court of the Dukes of the Spanish Netherlands, Archduke Albert of Austria, and Infanta Isabelto . In 1603 his first wife died (she gave birth to 3 children), and he married a second time - with Catherine van Marienburg (gave birth to 8 children). Jan Brueghel the Elder died of cholera in 1625, and his three children, Peter, Elizabeth and Maria, became victims of the disease.


He was one of the most popular artists along with Peter Paul Rubens. Jan Brueghel the Elder was characterized by bright, colorful colors, clear, precise lines of the image, while dryness and stiffness. The creative heritage of Jan Brueghel the Elder includes many beautiful landscapes with small human figures, sometimes on biblical themes. He was the first to introduce the tradition of depicting the heroes of the Bible in flower wreaths. In the first period of his career, Jan Bruegel is better known for his detailed images

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