July 5, 2022

Renaissance • Reformation • Age of great geographical discoveries • Hansa

Geopolitical situation

The Ottoman state was headed by Suleiman I the Magnificent (until 1566). The emperor of the Holy Roman Empire is Maximilian II Habsburg (until 1572). Charles IX of Valois reigned in France (until 1576). Italy, with the exception of the Papal States and the Republic of Venice, belongs to the Holy Roman Empire. King of Spain and ruler of the Low Countries is Philip II the Wise (until 1598). In Portugal, Sebastian I the Desire reigns (until 1578). The Queen of England is Elizabeth I (until 1603). Frederik II was the king of Denmark and Norway (until 1588). The king of Sweden is Eric XIV (until 1569). The king of Hungary and Bohemia is Emperor Maximilian II Habsburg (until 1572). The King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania is Sigismund II Augustus (until 1572). The Moscow Principality was headed by Ivan IV (until 1575). Galicia is part of Poland. Volhynia and Dnieper region belong to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the west of the Eurasian steppes, there are the Crimean Khanate and the Nogai Horde. Turks own Egypt. The Shah of Iran is the Safavid Tahmasp I. China is ruled by the Ming Dynasty. The great states of Hindustan are the Great Mughal Empire, the Bijapur Sultanate, and Vijayanagara. The Muromachi period continues in Japan. The conquest of America by Europeans continues. The viceroyalty of New Spain and New Castile exist on the conquered lands. The Portuguese master Brazil.


In Ukraine

Written mentions of: Klymets (Skolivskyi district), Romankivtsi (Sokiryanskyi district), Zabirya (Zhovkivskyi district), Dubechne (Starovyzhivskyi district), Kuzmyno (Mukachivskyi district), Baranivka, Hrushvytsia Persha (Rivnenskyi district). The Vilnius privilege divided the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into thirty judicial districts. After the judicial reform in 1566, innovations were introduced to the administrative and territorial structure of the state. Five new voivodeships were added, three of which — Kyiv, Volyn, and Bratslav — were located on Ukrainian lands.

In the world

Oprichnina began in Muscovy. At the beginning of February, at the request of the people, Tsar Ivan IV returned to the throne after his "abdication". On July 29, Queen of Scots Mary Stuart married her cousin Lord Darnley. Turkish troops were besieged