May 19, 2022

Reformation • Epoch of great geographical discoveries • Hansa • Dutch Revolution • Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth • Zaporizhzhya Sich

Geopolitical situation

The Ottoman Empire was headed by Ahmed I (until 1617). Under the rule of the Ottoman sultan are the Middle East and Egypt, the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, part of the Caucasus, large areas in Europe: Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. The vassals of the Ottomans are Wallachia, Moldova and Transylvania. The Holy Roman Empire is the most powerful state in Europe. Its territory includes, in addition to German lands, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, and northern Italy. Its emperor is Rudolf II of the Habsburg family (until 1612). Habsburg Philip III the Pious was king of Spain (until 1621) and Portugal. He owns the Spanish Netherlands, southern Italy, New Spain and New Castile in America, and the Philippines. Portugal, despite the rule of the Spanish king, remains independent. It has assets in Brazil, Africa, India, Ceylon, the Indian Ocean and Indonesia. The north of the Netherlands is occupied by the Republic of the United Provinces. King of France - Henry of Navarre. The King of England was James I Stuart (until 1625). King of Denmark and Norway - Christian IV of Denmark (until 1648), Sweden - Charles IX Vase (until 1611). The Venetian Republic and the Papal States are independent on the Apennine Peninsula. The king of the Commonwealth, which owns the Ukrainian lands, is Sigismund III Vaz (until 1632). In the south of Ukraine there is the Zaporozhian Sich. Tsar of Muscovy is Vasily IV Shuisky (until 1610). There is the Crimean Khanate, the Nogai Horde.


In Ukraine

Sea battle of the Cossacks with the Ottomans near Ochakov. Hetman Peter Sagaidachny's flotilla marched to the Bulgarian coast. Tulchin was founded.

In the world

False Dmitry II appeared in the Moscow region. The tsar's troops defeated the Bolotnikov uprising. The Swedes recaptured Fort Paide in the Commonwealth. Zebzydowski's Rokoch took place in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. On April 16, ships of the London Company arrived in Chesapeake Bay in Virginia On May 13, the settlement of Jamestown was founded, which marked the beginning of the first English colony in the New World - Virginia. Thirteen colonies. According to legend, the daughter of an Indian leader, 12-year-old Pocahontas, saved the life of English immigrant John Smith.