August 8, 2022

Industrial Revolution • Russian Empire • Napoleonic Wars

Geopolitical situation

Emperor Alexander I reigned in Russia (until 1825). The Russian Empire owns most of Ukraine, a large part of Poland, Georgia, and Finland. Ukraine is divided between two states. The Kingdom of Galicia and Volodymyr belongs to Austria. The Right Bank, Left Bank, and Crimea belong to the Russian Empire. Transdanubian Sich exists under the protectorate of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was ruled by Sultan Selim II (until 1837). The Ottomans ruled the Middle East and Egypt, the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, part of Transcaucasia, significant territories in Europe: Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. The vassals of the Ottomans are Wallachia and Moldova. The Austrian Empire is headed by Franz II (until 1835). It includes, in addition to the Austrian lands proper, Hungary with Croatia, Transylvania, and Bohemia. Part of the former imperial lands united in the Rhine Union. King of Prussia — Friedrich Wilhelm III (until 1840). The Kingdom of Bavaria is headed by Maximilian I (until 1825). The first French empire was headed by Napoleon I (until 1814). France has colonies in the Caribbean, South America and India. She annexed the Illyrian provinces, the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Italy, the French also captured the continental part of the Kingdom of Naples. Spain is ruled by Joseph Bonaparte (until 1814). The Kingdom of Spain includes New Spain, New Granada, the Viceroyalty of Peru, the Interior Provinces, and the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata in the Americas, the Philippines. Everywhere in Latin America, the national liberation struggle continues. Maria I reigned in Portugal (until 1816), but the Portuguese capital moved to Rio de Janeiro due to the French threat. Portugal has possessions in Brazil, Africa, India, the Indian Ocean and Indonesia. George III sits on the throne of Great Britain (until 1820). The Regency Era began. Britain has colonies in North America, the Caribbean and India. The United States of America occupies the territory of part of the former British colonies and Louisiana purchased from France. James Madison is the president of the United States. The territory in the north of the North American continent belongs to Great Britain, it is divided into Lower Kan�