January 22, 2022


October 4 (October 16) - the beginning of the Crimean War The first railway line was built in India.


The invention of the technology of industrial refining of oil and ozokerite into petroleum products (kerosene, gasoline, petroleum bitumen (asphalt), tar, paraffin) by Johann Zeg. The invention of the syringe for injection. George Kaylee designed the first glider.


See See also Category: Born 1853 January 7 - Arkas Mykola Mykolayovych, Ukrainian historian January 14 - Shokhor-Trotsky Semyon Ilyich, Russian mathematician-teacher January 28 - Jose Marti, Cuban revolutionary, writer, national hero of Cuba March 30 - Vincent van Gogh, Dutch postmodern painter July 18 - Hendrik Lorenz, Dutch physicist, Nobel laureate July 27 - Volodymyr Galaktionovych Korolenko, writer September 2 - Wilhelm Ostwald, German physicist and chemist September 4 - Hermann von Wissmann, German traveler, explorer of Africa September 21 - Heike Kamerling-Onnes, Dutch physicist and chemist, winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize in Physics


See see also Category: Died 1853

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