July 5, 2022


September 10 — the end of the Crimean War Peasant performance - "Moving to Tavria by will" In Portugal, the first railway line Lisbon - Caregado was laid


Discovery of magnetoresistance by William Thomson.


See also Category: Born in 1856 February 19 - Svante Arrhenius, Swedish physiochemist. April 24 - Henri Philippe Pétain, French military and political figure, marshal. March 7 - Porfiry Denisovych Martynovych, Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, folklorist and ethnographer. May 6 - Robert Edwin Peary, American polar explorer; the first to reach the North Pole (1909). May 15 - Frank Baum, American writer. June 14 - Andrii Andriyovych Markov, Russian mathematician. June 22 - Henry Ryder Haggard, English writer. July 10 - Nikola Tesla, American physicist of Serbian origin. July 22 - Asai Tyu, Japanese artist. July 26 - George Bernard Shaw, English playwright, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. August 6 — Vasnetsov Apolinariy Mykhailovych, painter and graphic artist, author of books on the theory of art, history, archeology (†1933). August 27 - Ivan Yakovych Franko, famous Ukrainian writer, poet († 1916). December 28 — Thomas Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States (1913-1921).


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