July 5, 2022


On September 2, 1868, the Society "Enlightenment" was founded October 10 Cuba's independence was proclaimed On October 17, the constitution was adopted in Luxembourg. January 3 - the "Decree on the Restoration of Imperial Rule" was adopted in Japan. The Edo shogunate was abolished. The beginning of the Meiji restoration. Arkansas rejoins the United States The city of Kramatorsk was founded


The discovery of helium. On April 18, the discovery of asteroid 98 Ianta On August 15, James Craig Watson discovered asteroid 101 Elena On August 22, Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters discovered asteroid 102 Miriam.


See also Category: Born in 1868 March 27 - Patti Smith Hill, American teacher, author of the song "Happy Birthday to You" March 28 - Maksym Gorky, Russian publicist, writer April 1 - Edmond Rostan, French poet and playwright April 28 - Voronii Georgy Feodosiyovych, a Russian mathematician of Ukrainian origin. May 6 - Gaston Leroux, French writer May 18 - Nicholas II, the last Russian emperor June 2 - Fyodor Anders, design engineer June 6 - Robert Falcon Scott, English explorer of Antarctica June 14 - Karl Landsteiner, Austrian immunologist June 18 - Miklos Horty, pro-fascist dictator of Hungary (1920-1944) July 13 - Borysoglibska Hanna Ivanivna - Ukrainian Soviet actress, People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR August 2 - Constantine I, King of Greece (1913-1917, 1920-1922) August 25 — Izotov Serhiy Vasyliovych, sergeant of the Active Army of the Ukrainian People's Republic. December 8 - Zamychkovskyi Ivan Eduardovych - Ukrainian Soviet actor, Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR. Ivan Ivanovych Apollonov is a Ukrainian composer.


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