January 22, 2022


December 26 - the first stationary brick circus in Russia - "Circus Ciniselli".


American astronomer Asaph Hall has discovered the satellites of Mars Deimos and Phobos. American zoologist DA Allen formulated a rule later named after him.

Historical events

The Chyhyryn conspiracy is an attempt at a peasant uprising prepared by the "Secret Wife" group of populist revolutionaries in the Chyhyryn district of the Kyiv province. Southwest War - Shizoku anti-government uprising in Japan.


See also Category: Born 1877 February 16 - Mykola Makarenko, archaeologist, museologist and art critic. July 2 - Hermann Hesse, German writer. August 7 - Ulrich Salkhov, Swedish figure skater, ten-time world champion. August 8 - Khanzhonkov Alexander Alekseevich, domestic entrepreneur, organizer of the film industry, producer, director, screenwriter, one of the pioneers of cinema († 1945). August 28 - Charles Stuart Rolls, English motorist, co-founder of Rolls-Royce. September 1 - Francis William Aston, English physicist and chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1922. September 2 - Frederick Soddy, English scientist, Nobel Prize winner. September 11 - Dzerzhinsky Felix Edmundovich, Bolshevik revolutionary. September 11 - James Hopwood Jeans, English astronomer, physicist and mathematician.


See also Category: Died 1877 Barbot de Marni Nikolai Pavlovich, geologist (* 1829) September 18 - Osip Bodyansky, Ukrainian historian, philologist, translator. He published the Chronicle of the Seer, published in Moscow the Register of the Zaporozhian Army, and the History of the Rus'.

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