July 5, 2022


February 11 - the constitution of Japan was adopted, according to which a bicameral parliament was created, but the supreme power remained with the emperor May 6 - October 31 - World Exhibition in Paris July 12 — The position of Zemsky Chief was introduced in the Russian Empire. November 15 - Emperor Pedro II is overthrown in Brazil as a result of a military coup. The country was declared a republic.


Production of the kilogram standard. Svante Arrhenius formulated the activation law of the temperature dependence of the rate of chemical reactions.


See also Category: Born in 1889 January 9 – Percy John Daniell, British mathematician who developed the generalized theory of integration and differentiation January 17 - Al Capone, American gangster February 20 - Lev Mykolayovych Revutskyi (1889-1977), Ukrainian composer, teacher, public figure March 12 — Vaclav Fomych Nijinsky, Russian ballet dancer, ballet master, choreographer March 19 — Borys Petrovych Gerasimovych, Ukrainian astrophysicist (shot in 1937) March 21 — Oleksandr Mykolayovych Vertynskyi, Russian pop singer, poet, composer April 16 - Charles Spencer Chaplin, English actor, director, screenwriter April 20 - Adolf Hitler, German political and military figure, Fuhrer of the National Socialist Party (1921-1945) April 28 - Antonio Salazar, Portuguese dictator (1938-1968) May 25 - Ihor Ivanovich Sikorsky, American aircraft designer of Ukrainian origin June 23 - Anna Akhmatova, Russian poetess July 5 - Jean Cocteau, French director, writer, actor, artist, film director July 17 - Earl Stanley Gardner, American writer July 30 — Volodymyr Kuzmych Zvorykin, American scientist-inventor of Russian origin September 26 - Martin Heidegger, German existentialist philosopher November 13 - Ostap Vyshnya, Ukrainian writer November 20 - Edwin Hubble, American astronomer


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