January 22, 2022

Events in Ukraine

Establishment of the IOC. May 31 - Lviv electric tram was opened. June 5-October 10 - the Galician National Exhibition took place in Lviv - the most massive in the history of Galicia July 14 - the first documented football match in Ukraine - Lviv-Krakow (1: 0) took place in Lviv as part of the National Exhibition.

World events

October 15 - Alfred Dreyfus is arrested in France on charges of espionage. The so-called The Dreyfus case. the beginning of the first Sino-Japanese war.


Argon was isolated for the first time. Albrecht Kossel theorized that amino acids are the main structural elements of proteins.


See also Category: Born 1894 January 13 - Yevhen Onatsky, a leading figure of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, public figure, journalist and scientist. January 30 - Boris III, the last king of Bulgaria (1918-1943) February 10 - Harold Macmillan, British politician, statesman, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1957-1963) February 20 - Jaroslav Ivashkevych, Polish writer March 8 - Väine Aaltonen, Finnish monumental sculptor, medalist, theater artist April 15 - Bessie (Elizabeth) Smith, American singer April 17 - Khrushchev Nikita Sergeevich, Soviet statesman and politician, Secretary of the Central Committee of the CP (B) of Ukraine (1947-1949) April 21 - Kio Emil Teodorovich (Hirschfeld-Renard), Russian illusionist April 26 - Rudolf Hess, German politician, one of the ideologues of Nazism, Hitler's personal secretary May 27 - Deshill Hammett, American writer, detective author June 10 - Hetty McDaniel, actress June 23 - Edward VIII, King of Great Britain from January 20 to December 10, 1936 June 25 - Hermann Obert, German scientist, founder of modern astronautics July 8 - Kapitsa Peter Leonidovich, Russian physicist July 13 - Babel Isaac, Russian-language novelist of Jewish descent July 17 - Georges Lemaître, Belgian astronomer July 25 - Gavrilo Princip, Serbian terrorist, "father" of World War I. July 26 - Aldous (Leonard) Huxley, English philosopher, writer September 13 - John Boynton Priestley, English writer, playwright October 21 - Edogawa Rampo is a Japanese writer November 26 - Norbert Wiener, known

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