May 19, 2022


January 22 (January 9 in the old style) - "Bloody Sunday" in 1905. May 14 - May 15 - Battle of Tsushima Russian and Japanese squadrons, the defeat of the Russian 2nd Squadron of the Pacific Fleet. June 14 - Uprising of sailors on the battleship "Prince Potemkin-Tavriya". September - Mikhnovsky's Constitution is published in Lviv. October 30 - (in the old style October 17) Emperor Nicholas II issued a manifesto, which "granted" civil liberties (including freedom of speech and assembly), expanded representation in the State Duma, and established it as the sole legislature of the Russian Empire. November 16 - Emperor Nicholas II issued a manifesto on the reduction of redemption payments for land and the complete cessation of their collection from January 1, 1907. November 17 - Japan-Korea protectorate treaty December 12-16 - the existence of the Shuliav Republic. Accidents and catastrophes September 12 - A Japanese Mikasa battleship sinks in the port of Sasebo after an artillery cellar explodes. 339 people died. November 19 - A German passenger ship, the Hilda, crashes into the rocks of Saint-Malo. 127 people died.


Annual mirabilis: Special Theory of Relativity (Albert Einstein) Photoeffect theory (Albert Einstein). Brownian motion theory (Albert Einstein).


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