January 22, 2022


July 17 - The Russian-Japanese agreement is signed in St. Petersburg. In Bosnia, the Serbs created a political party, the Serbian People's Organization. Its main demands were full autonomy for Bosnia and Herzegovina and democratic transformation in the province. The Muslim People's Organization is the Muslim political party in Bosnia. She focused her efforts on gaining church-educational autonomy for the Muslim population. With the emergence of these two parties, cooperation between Serbs and Muslims resumed on the basis of opposition to the possible Austro-Hungarian annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Croatian People's Union (1907-1908) was a political organization that defended Croatian national interests while remaining loyal to the Austro-Hungarian government. Accidents and catastrophes February 12 - The American passenger steamer Larchmont sinks off Long Island. 183 people died. February 21 - A British passenger steamer Berlin breaks in half and sinks after hitting a pier in Hook van Holland Harbor. 142 people died. February 24 - Austro-Hungarian steamer Imperatrix (lmperatrix) crashes on rocks near (Cape of Crete). 137 people died. March 12 - French battleship Jena explodes in the dry ascent to Toulon. 120 people were killed. July 10 - German geologist Walter von Knebel and his friend and artist Max Rudloff sink in the crater of Askia volcano, Iceland. Their bodies were never found. November 26 - Turkish steamer Kaptan sinks in the North Sea during a storm. 110 people died.


See also Category: Born 1907 January 12 - Korolyov Serhiy Pavlovych, Ukrainian scientist and designer († 1966) January 17 - Hryhoriy Kitasty, an outstanding figure of Ukrainian musical culture January 23 - Yukawa Hideki, Japanese physicist January 28 - Craft Vasyl Mykolayovych, Ukrainian breeder March 13 - Ludwig Birman, German astronomer April 14 - Francois Duvalier, President-Dictator of Haiti (1957-71) April 29 - Fred Zinnemann, American film director of Austrian descent May 12 - Catherine Hepburn, American actress May 13 - Daphne Dumourier, English writer May 22 - Lawrence Olivier, English actor May 26 - John Wayne, Amer

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