January 22, 2022


June 5 - The first flight on a domestic plane designed by Kudashev, a professor at the Polytechnic Institute, took place in Kyiv. He also played the role of a pilot. August 22 - Treaty of Accession of Korea to Japan. Korean Governor-General. November 20 - The Mexican Revolution begins. Francisco Madero announces the San Luis Potosi Plan, where he proclaims himself president of Mexico and calls for an armed struggle against dictator Porfirio Diaz. Hitachi company founded. Construction of the first Ukrainian skyscraper, the Ginzburg Skyscraper, has begun in Kyiv. January 20 - Circular of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire P. Stolypin banning the registration of "foreign" companies and publishers Accidents and catastrophes January 10 - The English cargo ship Loodiana leaves Port Louis, Mauritius, for Colombo and goes missing. There were 166 people on board. February 9 - French passenger steamer General Chanzy crashes on rocks off the island of Menorca. 159 people died.


See also Category: Born 1910 January 8 - Ulanova Galina Sergeevna, a prominent Russian ballerina January 23 - Jean-Baptiste Reinhardt, Belgian jazz guitarist February 13 - Shockley William Bradford, American physicist March 16 - Aladar Gerevich, athlete-fencer March 23 - Kurosawa Akira, Japanese screenwriter, film director May 12 - Juliet Simionato, Italian opera singer May 16 - Bergholtz Olga Fyodorovna, Russian writer May 24 - Semiha Berksoi, Turkish opera singer and theater and film actress. June 4 - Christopher Cockerell, English engineer, inventor of the hovercraft June 11 - Carmino Coppola, American composer, conductor June 11 - Cousteau Jacques-Yves, French oceanographer, inventor of scuba diving, writer June 21 - Tvardovsky Alexander Trifonovich, Russian poet June 22 - John Hunt, a prominent British mountaineer, leader of the world's first successful expedition to the world's highest peak, Everest (May 29, 1953). July 4 - Champion Jack Dupree (real name William Thomas Dupree), American blues musician (d. 1992). July 12 - Charles Rolls, English motorist, aviator, co-founder of "R

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