July 5, 2022


November 28 — Albania gained independence in the Ottoman Empire, in the Central Anatolian zone, which includes no. centers of earthquakes, the strongest M9 earthquake in the history of this country took place. Republic of China (1912-1949). The 11-story Ginzburg Skyscraper was opened in Kyiv, the first skyscraper in Ukraine.

Accidents and disasters

March 5 - The Spanish steamer Principe de Asturias (Principe de Asturias) was wrecked off the coast of Spain. 500 people died April 12 - Day of the First Plast Oath April 15 - The British liner Titanic sank in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg. 1,469-1,503 people died. September 23 — The Russian steamship Obnovka sank on the Northern Dvina. 115 people died. September 28 - Japanese steamer Kichemaru sank off the coast of Japan. 1,000 people died.


Victor Franz Hess proved the existence of cosmic rays December 18 - at a meeting of the Geological Society of London, the discovery of "Piltdown Man", a previously unknown species of ancient man, was announced. In 1953, it was established that it was an archaeological hoax.


See also Category: Born in 1912 January 19 - Leonid Vitaliyovych Kantorovich, Russian mathematician, economist January 19 — Tymofiy Levchuk, Ukrainian film director January 19 — Stetsko Yaroslav Semenovych, member of the OUN, deputy of S. Bandera January 23 — Boris Aleksandrovich Pokrovsky, Soviet and Russian opera director, People's Artist of the USSR January 30 - Barbara Tuckman, American historian, writer, journalist, best known for the book "August Cannons". February 6 - Eva Braun, wife of Adolf Hitler February 17 - Andre Norton (Alice Maria Norton), American science fiction writer February 20 - Pierre Boule, French writer March 23 - Werner von Braun, German rocket scientist April 8 - Sonja Heni, Norwegian athlete, figure skater April 12 - Yukhym Zakharovich Kopelyan, Russian actor April 15 - Kim Il Sung, leader of North Korea (1948-94) April 19 - Glenn Seaborg, American physicist, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951. May 2 - Axel Springer, German publisher May 11 - Stelmakh Mykhailo Panasovych, Ukrainian writer May 19 - �