July 5, 2022



January 1 - in St. Petersburg, the body of the dead Grigory Rasputin, the tsar's adviser, was pulled from the Neva. January 1 - Edmund Schultes was elected president of Switzerland. January 25 — The United States of America bought the western and southern part of the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million. January 27 — coup attempt in Costa Rica. January 31 – World War I: Germany announces the transition of its submarines to the tactics of unrestricted underwater warfare.


February 3 - World War I: The United States breaks diplomatic relations with Germany. February 5 - the constitution of Mexico is approved. February 13 - Mata Hari is arrested on espionage charges. February 23 - March 2 - February Revolution in Russia. February 24 - World War I: the American ambassador to Great Britain, Walter Page, received a transcript of the so-called The Zimmerman cables, which referred to Germany's offer to cede the southwestern United States to Mexico, in the event that the latter declared war on the United States.


March 1-2 — creation of the Council of United Public Organizations in Kyiv, which acted as a temporary authority in the first days of March 1917. On March 1, the Japanese city of Omuta (Fukuoka Prefecture) was founded. March 2 — The Provisional Ukrainian Revolutionary Committee in Petrograd published an appeal in support of the revolutionary events in Ukraine. March 2 - The Jones-Shafroth Act grants US citizenship to residents of Puerto Rico. March 3 — Russian Tsar Nicholas II Romanov abdicates in favor of his brother, Grand Duke Michael. March 3-4 — the Ukrainian Central Council was established in Kyiv. March 4 - the second term of US President Woodrow Wilson began. March 4 — Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich renounces his claims to the Russian royal throne, power in Russia passes to the newly formed Provisional Government headed by Prince Lviv. March 5 — all tsarist authorities were finally liquidated on the territory of Ukraine. On March 7, the leadership of the Central Rada was elected (Chairman - Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, deputies - Kryzhanivskyi, Doroshenko, Antonovych). On March 12, a 20,000-strong Ukrainian demonstration under national flags took place in St. Petersburg. March 13 —