January 22, 2022



January 1 - The law of the Ukrainian government on the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is issued. January 1 - The Belarusian SSR is formed. January 3 - The Ukrainian National Council approves a resolution on the unification of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic with the Ukrainian People's Republic in Kyiv. January 6 - Proclamation of the USSR by a decree of the Provisional Workers 'and Peasants' Government of Ukraine. January 22 - The Directory of the Ukrainian People's Republic proclaimed the Act of Unification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic, the Western Ukrainian People's Republic was transformed into the Western Regions of the Ukrainian People's Republic January 23-31 - Khotyn Uprising. January 28 - Masaryk University is founded in Czechoslovakia.


March 23 - Benito Mussolini founds the Fascist Party of Italy (Fasci di Combattimento)


May 8 - The Central Russian People's Council concludes the Uzhhorod Memorandum - the decision to join Transcarpathia to Czechoslovakia


June 5 - During the Ukrainian-Polish War (1918-1919), the Chortkiv operation of the Ukrainian Galician Army (UGA) began, during which Chortkiv, Ternopil, Buchach and Przemyśl were liberated from the Poles. June 28 - Treaty of Versailles.


September 10 - Saint-Germain Peace Treaty.


October 16 - A pedagogical institute is founded in Zhytomyr. Today - Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko


Ernest Rutherford observed the first artificially induced nuclear reaction. Accidents and catastrophes January 1 - British steamer Yolaire sinks off the coast of Scotland. 205 people died. January 17 - French steamer Chaonia sinks in the Strait of Messina, Italy. 460 people died. August 13 - The Italian cruiser Basilicata sinks in Port Said from an internal explosion. A large number of people died. September 9 - Spanish steamer Valbanera sinks off the coast of Florida in Hurricane Key West. 488 people died.


See also Category: Born 1919 January 1 - Jerome David Salinger, American writer January 13 - Giulio Andreotti, Italian politician January 23 - Bandurenko Yevhen Fedorovych, Ukrainian poet, satirist January 25 - Prigogine Ilya Romanovich, Belgian physico-chemist of Russian origin February 4 - Komanov Ge

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